Robust economic frameworks and empirical methods, informed by evidence


Providing advice and forecasts in the area of energy sector investment

We provide expert advice on energy. Principal economics are experts in the field of energy economics with experience in developing and adopting economic models assessing energy issues in New Zealand.


Fundamental uncertainty in the future climate requires new ways of planning

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support our clients in navigating the complex landscape of climate change and environmental issues. Our team of experts are experienced in conducting literature reviews, policy assessments, and decision making under conditions of fundamental uncertainty.


Housing depends on a range of factors, including affordability, location of jobs and preferences

Our team at Principal Economics encompass a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and skills suited for solving spatial and urban development and housing issues.


Robust economic frameworks and empirical methods, informed by evidence, shaped in collaboration with stakeholders.

We assist our clients in identifying the primary and secondary impacts of infrastructure investments.


Valuing the direct and indirect benefits and costs of tourism

We have used different data sets alongside with our tourism modelling capabilities for evaluating the impact of a range of investments and policy initiatives in the tourism sector.


Accessibility is the potential for interaction with locations dispersed over space

Our team currently lead some of the most important transport policy topics. This includes providing expert advice on transport equity, emission reduction policies and decision making under deep uncertainty.