Business Development Capacity Assessment for Dunedin City

Eugene Isack Profile
Eilya Torshizian, Eugene Isack and Alina Fehling

Dunedin City Council appointed Principal Economics to provide a comprehensive assessment of the sufficiency in development capacity of business land within Dunedin to fulfils requirements of the the National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD 2020), including an investigation of:

  • the locational requirements of business including shape, size, access, reverse sensitivities, and other market factors;
  • the external pressures businesses are facing (such as the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact of coastal hazards);
  • impacts on business activities from reverse sensitivities; Locational accessibility to labour markets and customers; Changes in demand from population growth; changes in residential distribution;
  • infrastructure requirements for different business sectors.

In our assessment of demand and sufficiency we identified existing businesses across New Zealand and their locational attributes including but not limited to land size, shape, access, reverse sensitivities and other market-based factors. We use industries’ revealed preferences to assess the features of land that they have determined as being suitable. This was then matched with the supply of business land in Dunedin City after applying a range of spatial analysis techniques.

Read the report here.