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Ruyi Jia

Dr Milad Maralani

Dr Eilya Torshizian

Prof. Robert MacCulloch

Phil Donovan

Alina Fehling

Eugene Isack

Dr Eilya Torshizian | Alina Fehling |

Regional Land Transport Demand Model: Technical notes for practitioners

This report provides a technical description of the Regional Land Transport Demand Model (RLTDM), which is a hybrid approach to forecasting transport demand across New Zealand regions. The model’s outputs...

Principal Economics

Dr Eilya Torshizian

Economic Impact of New Zealand’s Second Emission Reduction Plan

The Emissions Reduction Plan 2 (ERP2) delineates Aotearoa New Zealand's strategy to attain its emissions reduction objectives for the 2026-2030 period, alongside setting a path towards achieving long-term emissions reduction...

Economic impact assessment

Dr Eilya Torshizian | Alina Fehling | Eugene Isack |

The Economic Impact of Accreditation

Accreditation is a crucial part of New Zealand’s quality infrastructure. The accreditation services provided by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) increase the confidence of New Zealand and overseas consumers to...

Forecasting and modelling

Alina Fehling | Dr Eilya Torshizian | Ruyi Jia |

$25bn Assets of the Electricity Distribution Businesses

The Commerce Commission is in the process of the 2025 reset of the electricity default price-quality path in a time of uncertainty and high-inflation. The Commission tasked Principal Economics to...

Cost of delays in decisions

Dr Eilya Torshizian | Alina Fehling | Eugene Isack |

Great decisions are timely: Benefits from more efficient infrastructure investment decision-making

Aotearoa New Zealand suffers from an infrastructure deficit. Without the key infrastructure needed now for our economy to thrive, we deprive future generations from significant economic prosperity. While transformational infrastructure...

CBA transport equity

Dr Eilya Torshizian | Eugene Isack | Alina Fehling |

Incorporating distributional impacts (equity) into the CBA framework

Transportation decisions can have large and varied impacts on travellers and their communities. It’s important to measure these effects and consider their impact on various groups when planning projects. Waka...